h by mb hamel is a Private Chef and Consulting Firm with locations in Washington, DC, and Virginia Beach, VA. h specializes in boutique events focused on supreme quality and precision while capturing the clients’ personality and desires. The philosophy of h is to strip away the fussy and stuffy elements of traditional private chef firms to offer exquisitely simple food and drink. Our Nutritional Rehab and Consultation Services are tailored to individual medical needs or personal preferences. Our food focus is deliciously decadent, yet deceptively healthy dining! We pride ourselves in our relationship with local growers and artisans to deliver the best our region has to offer.

Enjoy the feeling of excess and decadence in our exquisitely simple and carefree packaging. Our distinctive expertise lies in pairing your perfect meal with the perfect libation. Our Chef has built this element of our business through over 18 years of industry experience and relationships worldwide with the best growers and winemakers.

Private Chef

Private Chef

Finding the time to provide healthy meals for the whole family can be a fulltime job and it’s what we do best! Additionally, finding that perfect person to trust with this for your family can be daunting. Finding the trust to allow a stranger into the heart of your home can be difficult. Let us meet and exceed your expectations. MaryBeth personally screens, trains and tests her team to meet the h by mb hamel standard. Feel confident in letting us into your lives to provide a personalized and memorable service. Leave the shopping and sourcing to us and enjoy!

Let us take over your kitchen! If you need meals daily, weekly, or somewhere in between, let the h by mb hamel team stock your fridge and pantry and provide you with superior restaurant quality meals in your home any day of the week. We are experienced with families on the go, any dietary, nutritional or allergy need, and pride ourselves in deliciously decadent, yet deceptively healthy dining!

Boutique Events

Boutique Events

Hate waking up to a messy kitchen and loads of wine glasses to wash the morning after a great dinner party? Kiss those days goodbye!

Welcome to leave no trace catering….

The h by mb hamel team excels in transforming your home or office into a downtown restaurant dining room! Experience all the luxury of a superior restaurant and Chef in the comfort of your home. We specialize in creating events that pair your personal style and desires with our exquisitely simple food and drink.

Let us take over your kitchen and dining table to experience our version leave no trace catering! Relax with our specifically trained kitchen and service team and stop waking up to a messy kitchen the morning after!

Don’t have enough dishes? Don’t worry! We bring the party supplies to you!

Be the Sous/Somm

Be the Sous/Somm

So you always wanted to be a chef, but……

Are you aching to learn a kitchen trick? Are you dying to know how to pair the perfect wine with your dinner?

Our food and wine classes have you covered!

Be The Sous

Our Be the Sous classes teach you the tricks of the trade to get you on your way to be the Chef of your kitchen! Our in-home culinary classes are specifically designed around your burning culinary questions, interests and tastes! Gather your friends and family and get excited for a personalized and interactive kitchen lesson!

Be The Somm

Be the Somm classes teach you all the basics or intricacies of wine pairing and info! Enjoy a class in the comfort of your own home interacting with our talented team of Sommeliers and beverage professionals to learn some insider info about wine and beverage! If you love adult beverage as much as we do, we’ve got you covered. You don’t even need to worry about the glasses!

Stock Your Fridge

Stock Your Fridge

If you need a break from the grocery store and farmer’s markets, our Chefs can do this too! Let us stock your fridge each week with meals and snacks of your choice. Let us add interest and intrigue to school lunches, weeknight dinners, and family weekends! Our Chef can shop, stock and supply you with prepared meals to simplify your life. Need a cleanse, special diet accommodation or allergy elimination? We can do this too! Let us craft menus and diets that satisfy your palate and dietary concerns. Leave the guesswork out and simply enjoy delicious foods that keep you feeling and looking great!

All of our experience in healthy, local food can be yours without the trip to the market and hours in a cookbook!

Vitamin h

Vitamin H is a fully customized nutritional experience. Whether you are looking to make a lifestyle change aimed at nutrition, are in need of a nutrition intervention, or fall somewhere in the middle with the best of intentions but a serious lack of time, Vitamin H can be your coach. Our clients requests reflect everything from assistance with eating transitions such as gluten-free, Paleo, vegetarian/vegan lifestyles, short and long-term cleanse plans, and more. MB provides this chef service as a convenient and carefree, fun and personal road map to your nutritional goals. Send us a note to inquire about bringing more Vitamin H into your diet.

About MaryBeth Hamel

MaryBeth Hamel, CEC ®, M.S. is a classically trained Chef with experience in fine dining restaurants, premier DC private chef events, and restaurant management. She shares her love of the industry in professional instruction with budding chefs as a Culinary and Hospitality Chef Instructor in DC and Baltimore area Culinary and Holistic Nutrition Schools. Her private clients include a base of medical and nutritional rehabilitation patients, families, and individuals on the go.

The h team features an arsenal of the area’s most talented culinary, pastry, and beverage personalities.

For more information or to set up a consultation, please fill out the form below or call us at 571.232.4523