Private Chef

Finding the time to provide healthy meals for the whole family can be a fulltime job and it’s what we do best! Additionally, finding that perfect person to trust with this for your family can be daunting. Finding the trust to allow a stranger into the heart of your home can be difficult. Let us meet and exceed your expectations. MaryBeth personally screens, trains and tests her team to meet the h by mb hamel standard. Feel confident in letting us into your lives to provide a personalized and memorable service. Leave the shopping and sourcing to us and enjoy!

Let us take over your kitchen! If you need meals daily, weekly, or somewhere in between, let the h by mb hamel team stock your fridge and pantry and provide you with superior restaurant quality meals in your home any day of the week. We are experienced with families on the go, any dietary, nutritional or allergy need, and pride ourselves in deliciously decadent, yet deceptively healthy dining!